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Important to understand is that flooring sanding work is a specialised task, which needs to be done by experienced tradesman with professional sanding equipment. Browse below, some of the frequently asked questions. However, if you can’t find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact our team of advisors, over the phone, or ask a question, suing our online form.

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Yes. Staining a floor a different colour is possible. After the floor has been sanded the floor can be stained a darker colour. We use a number of water based stains and have a wide variety of shades to choose from.

Many properties have this black tar like substance around the edge. All is removed during the sanding process using a coarse grit abrasive.

A room that measures 20 sq meters will take a day for sanding and finishing.
Drying time of the finish itself depends of two things: environment of the room – humidity, temperature etc. (in warm and ventilated room, the floor finish will dry faster) and the type of the finish – Lacquer base finishes can get dry for 2-6 hours; Oil based finishes can take 24 hours to get dry. Try not to move furniture back in the room for 48 hours allowing the floor to cure properly.

We can fill the gaps using clean fine sawdust from your floor, which we mix with a Lecol filler. If gaps are wider than 7mmm we may use re-claimed splinters of wood to wedge into the gaps, then sand down to level.

Maintenance of wooden flooring is easy. New technology in lacquers and finishes means that it takes little more than sweeping or vacuuming with the occasional use of a professional wood floor cleaning product. Place a good quality doormat to help protect the floor from grit, dirt and sand.

Wooden floors are both renewable and recyclable. Bacteria, dust and dirt do not embed themselves in wooden flooring, unlike other flooring options. Millions of people suffer from sensitivity to dust and toxins. Tests have proven that wooden flooring provides a healthier environment for these allergy sufferers.

Although some general cleaning in the area might still be required, in general all of our machines are virtually dust free. The only dust discharge is up to 2 mg per cubic meter. We aloe thoroughly hoover the flooring prior application of the finish.

Yes, it is quite noisy, particularly on the first day. When all machines are working you may want to go out for the day, or arrange for someone to look after young children.

Decorate first and carry out any plumbing or electrical work prior to having your floor sanded. In ideal case you should do the majority of the decoration prior the flooring renovation and leave the final coat, as well as any touch ups, after the floor sanding is complete. Especially if you are planning to stain your flooring.

A lacquered flooring will give a shiny reflective effect leaving the room feeling fresh and clean. Being lacquered makes it a harder wearing floor and a great way to make a room feel larger. An oiled flooring has an aged feel to it giving a room an authentic warm atmosphere. Great for areas that have high traffic volumes such as receptions. An oiled floor will require a maintenance coat to be applied every 16 – 24 months for residential or 4 – 6 month for floors with commercial use.

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