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Professional Flooring Repairs Service

Sometimes, in order to carry out a proper flooring restoration service, flooring repair is inevitable part of it. You may have some loose or broken boards, several missing wood blocks, or simply unwanted fireplace hearth, one thing is certain. The flooring will need a professional attention from experienced flooring restorers. We at Sanding Wood Flooring knows that in order to have perfectly renovated flooring, a quality repair is required to be done. Having decades of experience, does indeed means that we know how to deal with repairs of any type of flooring. Moreover, as the flooring repair work is usually part of the floor sanding and restoration service, we always make sure that our customers are well informed and advised about any potential repair required.

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Nevertheless, repair work would potentially comes at an additional and unplanned expense, it is vital part of a quality flooring renovation work. We would always advise the customer where particular attention is required on certain part of flooring. Also a professional advise is given, in order to address all necessary works, being – replacement of wood bits, levelling and preparing of the sub-floor underneath and much more. Wood flooring restoration service is not only our trade, but our passion too. Therefore we’ll make sure that all is carried exactly as promised and the result indeed, often exceeds the clients expectations.

Sanding Wood Flooring, carried high number of flooring repair service, as a part of our wood floor sanding and restoration for multiple domestic and commercial properties across London. Important to remember is that core part of our business is top quality of the services provided, which guarantees satisfaction of our customers. Our team of professionals, really know how to deal with flooring repairs of any kind. This why, you can rest assured that the flooring restoration work will be done with attention to every minor detail.

Flooring RepairsFlooring Repairs

Flooring Repairs of Various Types

Often the repairs of the flooring involve sourcing of appropriate wooden material required for the job. With our expertise we guarantee that we would find the best possible match for your flooring. Our company uses approved reclamation yards, to source reclaimed timber required for the repairs.  It is true thought that some wood species, and/or sizes of wooden flooring may not be available, even in the reclamation yard. When this is the case, our company could be able to manufacture on special order matching size and timber flooring, so a close possible match of the wood to be achieved.

  • Replace of Brocken floorboards

  • Repair of missing parquet

  • Repair of mosaic finger blocks

  • Fireplace Hearth repairs

  • Extend flooring where wall is removed

  • Extend existing flooring in new area

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Flooring Repairs

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