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When it comes to renovation or restoration of old flooring, it is highly likely the floor not to be in ideal shape and in most of the cases, an additional gap filling will be required. This is often inevitable part of the floor sanding service. this why, in order to have smooth and even surface of the flooring, you would need it to be gap filled. Experienced floor sanding professionals, such as Sanding Wood Flooring, know how do deal with filling of gaps within your flooring. Furthermore, we always make sure to provide a client with appropriate advise on which gap filling option is the best to go with. This could vary depending of the type of the existing floor. Nevertheless, we always do our best to restore any wooden flooring to its formal beauty, with no compromises.

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We know that all properties are different, so is the flooring in it does vary too. Although there are few main types of wooden flooring which are typical for the property period. The good news is that our company specialises in flooring renovation and restoration service in all types of  wooden flooring. As mentioned earlier, gap filling is standard procedure, when it comes to professional floor sanding & re-finishing. We at, Sanding Wood Flooring, are proud to be among the most prised flooring restoration companies in London, who offers professional gap filling service, of over two decades. Moreover, all of our team members are trained and experienced in dealing with gap filling of various types, considering the particular flooring needs.

With that said, standard practice, to gap fill ay minor gaps, cracks and nail holes is using of sawdust from the very same timber, mixed with resin. This technique is suitable for filling of small gaps up to 2-3mm. It is possible to fill in larger gaps too, however it may require the process to be repeated several times. When using sawdust from the very same timber it guarantees, perfectly matched colour.

Another gap filling techniques is filling of gaps between the floorboards, using pine slivers. As you may have guessed, this method is suitable to filling large gaps between the pine floorboards in order to improve the thermal insulation, as well as the aesthetics of your floor. When using gap filling with slivers, they are glued down between the boards and then even up with the flooring, during the floor sanding and polishing. This method also provides with maximum durability and longevity of the filler between the boards.

Gap Filling SliversGap Filling Slivers After

Various Types of Gap Filling

Often the repairs of the flooring involve sourcing of appropriate wooden material required for the job. With our expertise we guarantee that we would find the best possible match for your flooring. Our company uses approved reclamation yards, to source reclaimed timber required for the repairs.  It is true thought that some wood species, and/or sizes of wooden flooring may not be available, even in the reclamation yard. When this is the case, our company could be able to manufacture on special order matching size and timber flooring, so a close possible match of the wood to be achieved.

  • Gap filling with Resin & Sawdust

  • Gap filling of parquet flooring

  • Gap filling of Finger Parquet

  • Gap filling of engineered flooring

  • Gap filling using pine slivers

  • Gap Filling of Old Floorboards

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